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"Don't put God in a box."

Gabby Matrone shared her story of God's providence in response to her step of faith to go overseas on a missions trip. Her sophomore year at Southeastern University Gabby planned to be an Assistant Team Leader on a missions trip to Haiti, but soon gave up her position as she saw her inability to meet the $200 deposit deadline as a sign that she was not supposed to go on the trip.

The following semester she felt God speak to her during SEU Conference.

Gabby said, "God spoke to me and told me I was gonna go on a missions trip, but I kind of just brushed it off."

Later that night Gabby received a text from Natalie Glenn encouraging her to look into her missions trip to Ecuador, as she felt the Lord calling Gabby to her trip. As Natalie informed her that the cost of the missions trip was over $2,000, Gabby was reminded of her former inability to meet trip-deposit-deadlines and abandoned the idea of joining the trip to Ecuador.

Natalie continued to pursue Gabby, convinced of the calling God had placed on Gabby's life, and over a month later Gabby agreed to join Natalie for coffee. Their conversations surfaced Gabby's God-given desire to join Natalie and her team to Ecuador. Gabby was quickly overwhelmed by the $1200 deposit that was due just a week following their meeting, but she chose to act in opposition to that fear and step out in faith toward what Gabby knew God was calling her to do.

As Gabby began fundraising, she struggled with her parents disbelief that she could raise that much money in such little time. Gabby continued to keep her focus and faith in God's power, and she was able to watch God change her father's heart toward the calling God had placed on her life. Gabby's father later came to her convicted about his lack of faith as God told her father "not to put Him in a box."

With renewed confidence in God's power and faithfulness, Gabby continued to fundraise, but found herself $400 short of the $1200 going into the weekend the deposit was due. As the system that tracked her fundraising would not update until the following Monday, Gabby was left in a panic that she would not be able to join to trip due to her lack of funds.

The Monday morning following this stressful weekend, the Lord reminded Gabby to check her fundraising account.

Gabby described this event saying, "I looked into the account and the exact amount was in there! I felt the Lord say, 'It was there the whole time, you just had to trust Me.'"

Gabby had to learn to trust God to be faithful in fulfilling the calling He put on her life, as she stepped out in faith to do what she felt He was leading her to do. She learned to "not put Him in a box," and that He will provide when we are obedient in doing what He asks us to do.

Gabby's story is a perfect example of never letting a financial obstacle keep you from following the calling He has placed on your heart. The greater the difficulty, the more room for God to move. Don't miss out on a miracle because you are unwilling to act in faith and obedience to the call of God. He is faithful and will always respond to your obedience to Him!

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