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Elena Espinoza

I’ve learned that there is power in doing something in the physical to match what you believe God did in the spiritual. It's acting in opposition to the doubt the devil tries to instill within us following a move of God. After God healed my jaw in a chapel service, the moments where my jaw would pop would cause me to immediately doubt the miracle God performed.

While still scheduled for jaw surgery this summer, I felt prompted to go on a missions trip that would only be possible if my doctors agreed that surgery was no longer necessary. These shirts are my physical act of faith to raise funds for missions in alignment with that God has done through my spiritually. A month after the healing, the doctor determined I no longer need surgery!

We are believing for this to be more than a missions t-shirt, but a movement of faith. All proceeds are and will continue to be given to missions as God opens doors to do so! I have learned the power in sharing the God-given testimony of your life, and I pray that as you wear this shirt God will give you opportunities to impact the lives of others by sharing the story of God's power and faithfulness in your own life. 

Personal Blog
God has blessed me with the opportunity to not just have an incredible story of supernatural healing, but many stories that demonstrate His faithfulness along this journey. He has challenged me to share these smaller testimonies of his incredible faithfulness, and I pray they inspire you to surrender your all, and trust Him completely knowing He will never fail. 
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